Salesforce Sprint 17 Update
Goolshun Belut

Spring ’17 brings lots of your most-requested Lightning Experience usability enhancements to make your users even happier.

We’ve built artificial intelligence right into the platform with Salesforce Einstein—try it out in the Sales cloud! Service Console, Knowledge, and reports and dashboards benefit from a bolt or two of Lightning. Community workspaces make your community management tasks even easier, and you can fine-tune your customizations and roll out new apps faster than ever. And we’ve got lots of new Trailhead content to help you and your users get the most of your Salesforce experience.

  • How to Use These Release Notes
    Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. We include setup information, tips to help you get started, and best practices to ensure your continued success.
  • How and When Do Features Become Available?
    Some features in Spring ’17 affect all users immediately after the release goes live. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they’re prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
  • Supported Browsers
    Supported browsers for Salesforce vary depending on whether you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.
  • Salesforce Overall: Favorites, Console Apps, and More Actions
    Spring ’17 gives you more reasons to love Lightning Experience. Customize your navigation experience with favorites, see multiple records on one screen with console apps, and access more global actions from anywhere in Lightning Experience.
  • Lightning Experience: A Modern and Intelligent User Experience
    Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on our UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Check out the new features and considerations in this release.
  • Salesforce Einstein: The World’s Smartest CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone
    Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the Salesforce platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, marketing, and communities—and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, everyone in every role and industry can use AI to be their best.
  • Sales: Artificial Intelligence, Expanded Sales Path, and Smarter Email
    Deliver high-impact Lightning Experience features that keep sales teams laser-focused on the leads and deals most likely to generate sales. Help reps develop strong customer relationships and integrate their email and calendars with Microsoft—and now with Gmail. For added productivity, your reps can prioritize calls and easily manage records using Kanban in even more ways.
  • A New Name and New Features Clean rules are now called data integration rules, and they’re more powerful and customizable. Rules now update non-US annual revenue data and picklist-based location data. When a data service receives new data, it refreshes your data too. Improve updates from data services by customizing mapping for data matching and updating.
  • Service: Lightning Hits the Console and Knowledge; Field Service Comes to iOS
    Zap! Lightning Experience has hit the Service Console. Enjoy its streamlined UI and the ease of customizing it with the drag-and-drop Lightning App Builder. Knowledge also gets a Lightning charge, with a unified Knowledge tab and standard record types replacing custom articles types. Field service comes to your technicians with an iOS app. And Open CTI comes to Lightning Console Apps, while Desktop CTI takes its final bow.
  • Analytics: Lightning Enhancements, One-Stop Data Manager, Personal Wave Home, New Charts, and More
    Drive decisions with insights from reports and dashboards and Wave Analytics. Lightning Experience reports and dashboards offer report subscriptions, dashboard sharing and following, and chart enhancements. Wave gets personal with one-stop shopping in Data Manager, the new personalized Wave home page, custom app navigation, new chart types, and much more.
  • Communities: Community Workspaces, Criteria-Based Audiences, Mobile Actions, and More
    The cool breeze of Spring ’17 blows in some significant changes for Communities—from refreshed tools to fresh components. Community Workspaces centralizes access to all the tools you use to build, moderate, and manage your community, and Community Builder gives you more room to work. With criteria-based audiences, you can assign location and record type criteria to page variations to hit your target audience. And mobile actions make it easy to create, edit, and update Salesforce records directly from your mobile device.
  • Chatter: Company Highlights Feed, Create Custom Feeds, Customize Groups
    We redesigned the Chatter home page in Lightning Experience to give you more of what you want—customization. We introduced the Company Highlights feed, the ability to create your own feeds with streams, a list of your recently updated groups, and a way to share posts. You can also create custom groups for any use case and filter questions in group feeds in communities and Lightning Experience.
  • Files: Folders in Libraries (Beta), Attach Salesforce Files to Records, and Rename Files from the Related List
    We enhanced the files experience to get you more functionality with less friction. Freshen up your libraries by organizing your library files into folders (beta). Use Apex to customize file downloads for security and tracking. Work faster and better in Lightning Experience by attaching and renaming files right from the Files related list.
  • Mobile: Do More on the Go
    Salesforce mobile apps help your users stay productive throughout their busy days, no matter where they are. Salesforce1 offers improvements to tasks, enhanced charts, approvals, and many other sales features, so sales professionals can take care of even more business from their phones. Salesforce Authenticator gets a design update that makes it easier to read notifications at a glance. And introducing the new Field Service Lightning iOS mobile app, an all-in-one tool that puts everything your field service technicians need at their fingertips.
  • Financial Services Cloud: Client and Household Relationship Mapping, Alerts, Client Service Enhancements
    Advisors can now create, maintain, and visualize clients and households through new relationship groups. Get new client service enhancements, including alerts on a client’s profile page and financial accounts to help advisors keep up with changes to client’s financial accounts.
  • Health Cloud: Wave for Health Cloud: Risk Stratification, Lead-to-Patient Conversion, and More
    Optimize care coordination and proactively manage patients who are at risk with Wave dashboards. And we’ve made it super easy to take Salesforce leads and convert them into Health Cloud patient records. To top if off, we’ve added to the Health Cloud data model, and improved the performance of the Health Cloud console.
  • Customization: More Control Over Record Page Assignments and Flow Screens, Connect to External Services
    Now clicks take you further than ever. They get you more granular control over how you assign Lightning record pages to your users. They give you control over your flow screens – including a way to make them look like Lightning Experience. And although a little bit of code is involved, clicks make it easy to connect your org to external services.
  • Security and Identity: Easier Health Check, Chatter Encryption, OAuth for Connected Apps
    Security Health Check offers custom baselines to streamline the job of setting up security for your users and customers. You can encrypt Chatter posts and attachments, and protect Internet of Things devices with OAuth 2.0.
  • Deployment: Deployment Permission Dependency Now Selected Automatically
    The “Modify All Data” permission is now selected automatically when the “Deploy Change Sets” permission is selected.
  • Development: Create Your Own Salesforce App
    Whether you’re using Lightning components, Visualforce, Apex, or our APIs with your favorite programming language, these enhancements to help you develop amazing applications, integrations, and packages for resale to other organizations.
  • Marketing: Tools to Engage Your Customers Like Never Before
    Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journeys. It enables you to build a single view of your customer-leveraging data from any source, and plan and optimize unique customer journeys based on your business objectives. Deliver personalized content across every channel and device at precisely the right time, and measure the impact of each interaction on your business so you can optimize your approach in real time and deliver better results.
  • Critical Updates: LockerService Changes, CRSF Protection for Visualforce Pages, and Masking Decoupled from Shield Platform Encryption
    This release includes two new critical updates. One changes how Visualforce pages implement CRSF protection for GET requests. The other decouples the “View Encrypted Data” permission from Shield Platform Encryption. In addition, the LockerService, approvals, and flow critical updates from Summer ’16 have been postponed.
  • Help and Training
    We added walkthroughs and Trailhead modules and added and updated instructional videos. We also updated our Trust and Compliance documentation.