Tomorrow's People

Large Charity organisation which has been established in the UK to help disadvantaged adults and young people to get and keep a job. The focus is on improving the long-term work prospects of those who face the greatest barriers to work.


Implementation of Salesforce non profit success pack

What we did

We worked with the client to define business processes across seven different functional capabilities. With that information, our team designed and built a CRM System based on to increase process efficiency, and allow for better, secure information tracking and sharing across their organization.  We facilitated one-time system migration and data migration from legacy systems. We also configured Gmail Integration with Salesforce.

The project started mid-April 2016 Salesforce CRM System was successfully deployed in June 2016 across multiple functional departments. We have provided 'train the trainer' approach and deployment that supported ongoing roll-out of the system to new users.

In addition, we helped the client meet its objective to able to track and maintain important relationships in reliable,a better visibility on their donation pipeline. Finally, we offered new insight into the myriad ways in which the client can take advantages of Salesforce.


By giving recruiters a portal to skilled candidates, HiUp connects the right people with the right jobs: through their app and site, they provide a meeting-place for job-seekers, employers and recruiters. Then, using their unique points system, they reward job-seekers when they undertake industry-recognised learning — this virtual training wallet vastly increases the job seekers chances of developing their career.


Configuration of Salesforce Enterprise edition to enable better marketing activities, lead & opportunity management, and integration of Hubspot with Salesforce

What we did

Assisted the Marketing Operations Director and the CMO with the configuration of the Salesforce Sales cloud. The client was struggling with user adoption and bad data, which was negatively impacting marketing operations and sales activities leading to missing opportunities to sell.

We helped the client with the optimisation of the all pages layouts, implemented a simple and effective lead capturing and management process, and implementing rules to score the lead accurately so that the sales team could focus on the important lead. We had lead the integration of Hubspot Marketing tool to Salesforce which provided a seamless and error free to capture and manage lead. The Sales process and opportunity was consequently improved enabling resulting in more accurate pipeline reporting and forecasting.

Data was cleansed as part of the project and data governance was put in place. The project was completed in a 4 weeks.

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund pays bail for New Yorkers who can’t afford even modest amounts, and who would be jailed or forced to plead guilty just to go home.

They work with allies here in New York and across the country in the fight to end cash bail. They are challenging the criminalisation of race and poverty, the practice of putting a price on fundamental rights, and the persistent myth that bail is a necessary element of the justice system.


Implementation of Salesforce for Fundraising and building a full fledged Client Management platform specific for the management of Bail, Support Services, Court Appearances, Court Outcomes

What we did


The client was struggling with the management of fundraising activities, as a solution we have assisted them with the transitioning from their spreadsheets and google docs by implementing the Salesforce Not For Profit package to increase process efficiency and enhanced visibility across the team. The project was completed in 5 weeks including training and support time.

Client Services Management

On successful completion of the Fundraising team, the client requested a solution to manage the clients they serve and the tracking of the support services and bail paying. They were having difficulties managing the day to day activities because of the custom built database could not scale as they growing which made fall back on to spreadsheet. As a solution, we have leveraged the Salesforce platform and build an application on Salesforce which now enables to have 360 view of their clients and any linked activities such court appearances, bail and support services provided in one place.

Heart of The City

The organisation the UK’s largest small business network giving companies in London the tools to measurably improve our society and demonstrate responsibility. Acting as a membership hub, they make complex responsible business knowledge (often also known as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR) easily accessible, allowing the busy professional to easily take informed action.


Configuration of Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Integration with Outlook, Event Management and Marketing tool

What we did

The client already had Salesforce CRM (Enterprise Edition) implemented but they were struggling with user adoption and having to do a lot of work manually to input and extract data from various separate systems.
We helped the client by redefining some business processes and redesigned the CRM system to allow better data capture and increased efficiency by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

The project lasted 3 months where we have successfully integrated Salesforce with their event management and email marketing tool as well as integrating Microsoft Outlook to Salesforce which made the flow of information seamless and enhanced the way their team communication with their contacts. We have delivered a tailor-made end user training session specific the organisation's team members and a 'train the trainer' session for their systems administrator.  As a result, their CRM is now more secure and easy to scale as the organisation grows.

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